This video is about an ex-Nicola Larini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI in Martini Alfa Corse colours and featuring the latest 1996 specs for the ITC (International Touring Car) Championship, which is how DTM was called for its last season with the very expensive 2.5-liter D1 / Class 1 touring cars.

The 155 DTM is so famous for its Alfa Romeo engine, called ‘Busso’, and which was used from 1993 until the first races of the 1996 season. It was a 60° deeply revised V6 (but still derived from the one mounted on the street-legal Alfas) which was able to produce up to 470hp at around 11,600 rpm in its final evolution. But for the second part of the 1996 season, in order to try to regain competitiveness and win the constructors championship, a new more powerful engine was introduced on the 155 ‘ITC’ cars. It was a 90 degrees angle V6 not derived from the ‘Busso’ but from a V6 PRV (a jointly-developed engine by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo) that was used on the Lancia Thema V6.
The ITC’s rules stated simply that cars must be powered by an engine that shared it’s V-angle and bore spacing with a production engine (since the 90° aluminium block PRV mounted on the Thema had a displacement of 2.8-liter, the mandatory 2,500 cc was reached modifying the bore and stroke). It was possible to homologate it since in the 80’s Alfa Romeo was joined to Lancia to form the Alfa-Lancia Industriale, making Alfa a manufacturer of Lancia cars for just a few years. FIAT opposed to the development and use of this engine for marketing reasons, so much that the building phases proceeded in secret form. Alfa had to develop two engines both to confuse the press and for homologations purposes such as V angle, distance between cylinders and other dimensions: one was based on the 90 degrees V8 from an Alfa Montreal and one concerning a V6 which had some similarities with the PRV unit of the old Thema. The new engine, called 690RC, was lighter and more powerful with a max output of around 490hp at 11,800 rpm and reach a max rev limit of 12,000 rpm.

With the 690RC, Alfa started to win and obtain good results again but that were not enough to finish the championship on the highest step of the podium. If that engine was introduced at the beginning of the season, probably Alfa Romeo could have easily won the 1996 title.
Watch this car in action around Modena Circuit during the 2019 Drive Experience track day brought by Scuderia GT and driven by Stefan Rupp.

0:00 – 3:05 Warm Up
3:06 – 11:53 On Board + External Scenes

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