The 2023 Acura Integra continues to dissatisfy– is what fans of the original are likely to state upon hearing that the basic transmission for the upcoming sport sedan is a CVT. Acura made a huge offer out of the fact that the restored Integra would have a manual transmission prior to its expose. However, if a newly leaked spec chart is to be thought, many trim levels will just get a constantly variable transmission. Formerly some believed that Acura would use their 10-speed

automatic in the Integra, but specs posted to the Integra Talk forum, indicate that is not the case. They show 3 levels of trim: base, A-Spec, and A-Spec with Tech Package. All featured the CVT, other than the A-Spec Tech, which can be optioned with a six-speedmanual transmission. It’snot uncommon any longer for carmakers to use handbook on just the highest-spec trims. Mazda, for example, does the very same by providing its handbook a single grade, the Premium plan for the Mazda 3 hatchback. Whereas the manual was when the most affordable

and most fuel-efficient option, nowadays the thinking is that only real enthusiasts, ones who wouldwant to pay more to option out their car to the gills, would appreciate whether they row their own or not. In addition, the leakage appears to note the Integra’s color palette for both exterior and interior. Oddly, the Type R-inspired yellow of the idea does not appear to be on the menu. Rather, we get red, blue, white, silver, gray, and black.

The A-Spec does get one unique hue, Apex Blue Pearl, to set it apart. Interiors get an option of black, orchid or red, however not all of them can be paired with all exterior paints. We don’t believe that the manual’s look on only the top trim is a problem per se. We don’t know what the Integra’s Tech Package will consist of, however on cars and trucks like the TLX or RDX it consists of functions like a premium audio system, navigation, and motorist assist security notifies. These aren’t necessarily products a real enthusiast driver who prefers a purer driving experience would desire. Still, we’re pleased Acura’s using a stick

in an environment downright hostile to sedans, compacts, and handbooks. We do believe, though, that the Integra A-Spec(without the Tech Plan) may have been the sweet area for the handbook. But no one asked us. Source