The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette gets a little cost bump to go with its 70th Anniversary package and Z06 trim. Now that GM has actually gotten in the car into its WorkBench order system, Corvette Action Center got hold of a Corvette MSRP and options list. Compared to prices on the Corvette configurator at the time of composing, every trim in coupe and convertible type is up by$1,000 after the$1,295 destination charge. Going by the CAChard copy, the rest of the price walk appears like: 1LT Coupe:$63,195 2LT Coupe:$70,495 3LT Coupe:$75,145 1LT Convertible:$ 70,695 2LT Convertible:$77,495 3LT Convertible:$82,145 There are a few new options, and a couple of rate changes on carryover options, too. Among the brand-new options, the 70th Anniversary Edition package scheduled for the 3LT trim on the Stingray will cost $5,995 without stripes, or$

  • 6,990 with stripes. Black exhaust tips for the performance exhaust will cost $200. For
  • the interior, a Stealth Aluminum trim is priced at $595, and
  • an Adrenaline Red Dipped interior– which bathes the whole cockpit in red– will not cost a cent, but it is likewise reserved for the 3LT trim. New wheels provide 4 styles, worn Gloss Black for $995, Satin Black with a red stripe for $1,495, an Ultra-Bright Machined surface for $1,995, or the dealer-installed Tech Bronze Accessory finish for $ 3,195. Re-priced carryover alternatives are altered by as little as$5 to as much as $100, and two options will cost$ 20 less. The Carbon Flash High Wing increases by$100, the Black Healing Hook and Roofing System Panel Storage

    Pouch are up by$5, the outside vehicle cover with Stingray logo design costs$15 more. The rear Corvette script in Elkhart Blue and the Cargo Net Set are $20 less expensive. Car manufacturer reps told Corvette Blogger the Stingray visualizer must hit the web in early April. The pre-order system is currently live, however proper orders matched to allotments

    will not start up until March 31. Associated video: Source