Electrify America wants to improve the charging station experience for EV owners with a concept called “The Charging Station of the Future, Today.” Boil all the lingo out of journalism release, and you have the sort of destination charging experience that people have actually been discussing for many years however that hasn’t yet been developed as regular practice. The EA principle consists of a “consumer sanctuary” to hang out in throughout the charging process, said space offering functions like valet parking, lounges, space to host an event and vehicle display areas. The illustrations show beautiful, well-lit car park and even a pull-through space enough time to accommodate a pickup and trailer. Check out the awnings with solar panels also. EA states these are in the works now, with as much as 500 chargers at 100 stations slated for such security from the elements. The awnings will sending their caught energy to on-site battery storage stations. This seems like the elegant Audi Charging Hub the German automaker opened in December for a trial run in Nuremburg. That’s worked out enough to encourage a 2nd Charging Center headed for Zurich, Switzerland.

And it’s all constructed around a next-generation charger. The stand will remain 8 feet high however inhabit a smaller footprint, potentially enabling EA to set up more chargers at a location. Rather of each charger having two plugs, there will be simply one at the end of a cable management system able to reach the charging port anywhere on the vehicle. An enhanced screen will be brighter and more clear in direct sunlight.

We say this can’t come quickly enough. We tooled around New England in a Kia EV6 last week, and our experience with Electrify America stations in the region was so challenging and pricey that we were always pleased to discover a competitor station. It made us understand how Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess felt last summer when he publicly lambasted VW’s European charging partner Ionity. (For those not conscious, Electrify America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VW, moneyed with $2 billion to assist clear the smoke after dieselgate.)

The first locations to get these future battery chargers will be Beverly Hills, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, California, and the New york city City districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Openings in those cities are set up for this year and 2023. Bring it on.

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