If Darth Vader built a Resto-mod project car – the RetroPower ultimate RWD Vauxhall. Taking a classic car and restomodding it to suit your unique taste is nothing new, but in the case of this anonymous customer of Retro Power ( https://retropower.co.uk/2020/10/19/project-vader-vauxhall-chevette-hsreplica/ ) they desired to commission probably the best made, most expensive Vauxhall Chevette in existence.

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The only problem was the weather on the day Jonny Smith drove the 300bhp naturally aspirated 2.3 ‘red top’ with sequential Quaife gearbox; the rain, wind and fog were biblical. See how wide Jonny’s eyes go when out on the Welsh hill roads, trying to keep the flawless black ‘Vette on the tarmac and away from ditches.

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Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughan Pritchard https://www.philvfilms.com/
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant https://www.matttarantdesign.com

if darth vader built a resto-mod project – the retro power ultimate rwd vauxhall drift car
Jonny Smith
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0:00 Intro
0:38 Meet Vader
1:52 Meet Retro Power Cal
2:20 Reason for the build
3:14 Inspired by…
4:37 Extra wide body kit
5:14 How it started
5:40 Axle and suspension
6:24 Vader colour
7:13 Wheels
9:23 Embarrassing
10:38 C20XE specs
13:25 Hard launch
15:56 INTERIOR details
18:26 Billet bits everywhere
20:30 Paint and body
22:15 DONUTS
23:48 Verdict
25:30 START UP

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