An important question for innovators is how you put into practice the concepts that we learn from books.

For this StratChat webinar, we share how we have worked with Bayer to use Strategyzer tools and methodology to create a growth portfolio over the last three years.

We talk to Bayer’s Corporate Innovation team to learn how they took a portfolio approach to investing in new ideas, how they conducted experiments in spite of being in a heavily regulated environment, the obstacles they faced and the measures they took to overcome these.

This is an opportunity to learn the practical experience of a team that has worked relentlessly on bringing business model innovation to a global enterprise.


* This free webinar is sponsored by our Building Invincible Companies Masterclass – which dives much deeper into the content you’ll see today.

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Our guests for this epidode:

Alexander Osterwalder
– Strategyzer Co-Founder & Best-Selling Author

Shamira Miller
– Strategyzer Executive Coach

Henning Trill
– VP Innovation Strategy at Bayer

Julia Hitzbleck
– Head of LifeHub Berlin at Bayer

Ouelid Ouyeder
– Senior Program Lead at Bayer

*Disclaimer: ‘This is not Bayer’s R&D portfolio – we refer to it as the intrapreneurship program only.’