Siamo andati a trovare l’artigiano toscano che ha costruito l’anello mancante tra Alfa Giulia TZ2 e 33 Stradale, un prototipo con motore Montreal V8 anteriore e carrozzeria in alluminio. Abbiamo scoperto un angolo d’Italia nel quale si lavora ancora come negli anni d’oro.

Marciano 268a is something unique. How it sounds, how it goes. Unbelievable.
It wasn’t built by Alfa, not by Ferrari or Maserati, it was entirely handmade by an italian artisan called Mr Marciano, in Tuscany.
The man thought that Alfa Romeo did something too fast in the 60’s, with the 33 Stradale after the TZ2, and he would have liked to see
a missing link with front engine and V8. A car never born. So he found a Montreal engine and started to build his own supercar.
18 years after he finished the 268a (2.6 cc V8 anteriore) with 250 LM windscreen, Jaguar E type differential, Ferrari headlights, GTAm wheels.
During his work he lent that Montreal engine to a friend who raced it into an off-road competition with a 4×4, and it was tuned to 230 hp.
So when the 2.6 V8 came back in the 268a it was much powerful and converted to carburettors ( 4 – 40 weber). All the rest has been build
from Mr Marciano in his workshop, in Ponsacco (Pisa, Tuscany) and result is stunning, perfect. In my video report you can see and listen to it,
but I must warn you, it’s intoxicating and live experience is even worst.