Lamborghini’s The Real Race virtual racing competition is progressing into an e-sports group.

In 2020, Lamborghini released The Real Race, a one-make virtual champion where racers take Lamborghinis around the track to produce an event almost as intense as the genuine thing. Now, Lamborghini has formed a team of motorists from The Real Race and the sim racing world, and this brand-new team is going to complete in the GT World Challenge Esports Sprint Series Europe, and the 2022 Intercontinental GT Challenge Esports Endurance Champion. The 2 calendars begin on April 6 and April 16 respectively. The Sprint Series begins at Misano and concludes at Monza, and the Intercontinental Champion begins at Bathurst and ends with 9 Hours of Kyalami.

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The three employee are Jordan Sherratt, Gianfranco Giglioli, and Giorgio Simmonini. Sherratt dominated the latest Genuine Race competitors, and also enjoyed great success in the EMEA region’s Lamborghini Esports champion, and together with his skills, he is a big Lamborghini fan. Giglioli put fifth in the inaugural Genuine Race, eighth in the inaugural Formula One Esports Series, and won the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Italia. Simmoni’s Esports experience includes winning the Sim Grid World Cup 2020 and placing fourth in the SRO Esports 2020 champion. In addition to the return of The Real Race for 2022, there’s real enjoyment in Lamborghini’s virtual events.

Source: Lamborghini