Lotus has teased the Type 132 for what might be the last time before the battery-electric crossover debuts next Tuesday, March 29. Swinging for the fences with an unique guest star that would help prevent the inescapable discord about Lotus making what will be a weighty crossover, Lotus enlisted Clive Chapman, child of company creator and legend Colin. Clive mentions Colin keeping a practical family car in addition to some variety of orthodox Lotus cars, and states he thinks his daddy would have liked the possibility to develop something like the Type 132. Perhaps it holds true. Yet, although Clive mentions functionality and towing and farming and a popular explosion of four-wheel-drive automobiles in the 1970s, Colin is never revealed with one in the video. The very best Colin does for practical is a Lotus Eclat, which everyone, even today, would likely accept as Lotus’ variation of a household automobile.

The video does provide one undoubtedly truthful bit, which is a silhouette of the Type 132. It’s going to be sharp and racy, no doubt about that, and we like the look of it.

Different to the video, additional truthful views of the Type 132 have actually been uncovered in another set of patent images. The Australian patent workplace let slip makings of the CUV’s exterior early this month, Spanish outlet Cochespias arrived at images of the interior put with a various patent office. They show some anticipated EV features like a flat flooring and a two-level center tunnel with a floating console up top. They show us some expected high-end functions like shapely and powered front sport seats, powered rear seats, and a full-width climate control vent style in front. They show some unexpected additions like a what seems a giant glove box door, and rear seat surfaces that could be a toss-up for comfort– however of the shut lines are accurate, those seats fold down in methods to take advantage of the load bay. There’s a big infotainment screen that apparently lies flat on the cockpit console when not in use. And note what may be 2 cupholders on the center console, one of which may be small.

The slim extensions on the exterior views from previously this month weren’t simply conceptual. The door panel in the interior makings shows a blank square ahead of a speaker that should be a screen showing the feed from the side video camera.

If anything, the only thing the illustrations neglect is for how long the lorry appears to be, based upon spy shots of the Type 132 screening in China last month. We’ve just got 4 days to wait to have the majority of our concerns answered, one of which will now be, even if Colin Chapman had wanted to develop a crossover, would he have wanted to design this one?