I agree that Innovation is an important pillar of economy. However I believe that trading should be the first step for young entrepreneurs before jumping into innovation.

Trading is for bhooka pate. Innovation is for bhara hoa Pate. You can give a flower to a nanga bacha on street and tell him to go and sell it, he will go and sell it. But ask the same nanga bacha to go and invent something like foodpanda, google or microsoft. How likely is he going to create one? It works fine for kids of privileged society learning or studying in Universities designed for affluent class where he/she can afford to have mentors working through a well funded eco system where they can get funds and be busy in trying to create something big.

What is the percentage of successful startups in today’s date? may be 1-2% then what about 98%? I don’t say that we should not encourage startups or innovation. It is just that I believe trading is quick money and can quickly fill the basic kitchen needs of todays youth of Pakistan vs Innovation where we need a much more powerful well funded eco system with qualified mentors in place to deliver results.

So end of the day we have more bhookay pate in society than bharay hoye pate and we need to fix the basic kitchen needs of this youth and that can be solved by well designed eco system to create entrepreneurs doing trading or selling services to quickly solve the basic needs before moving into next domain which is innovation. May be one day Pakistan become a rich and innovative country just like how China started 50 years ago with a boom in manufacturing and trading before become capable enough to start their own innovative ventures.


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