pets rescue | the little dogs protected in an animal rescue station have a fun new playground part 3
Hello friends
Today I will update the situation of the animal rescue station for you to see, It has been a long time since my work was busy so I could not record videos for you to watch.
And today I will make a wall to deter thieves and as you can see, I did 2 layers of doors And then I made a playground for the little dogs.
And people told me to build fences to protect little dogs, people commented and I did it today to protect little dogs.
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I am one of those who loves animals and pets.
In my place, human life is still difficult, animals are often not paid attention.
The animals were starved and abandoned.
It is our daily job to find and help them. By getting in touch on social media or by anyone calling us, we will be there.
There are many pitiful fates out there, dogs without families, and even dogs that have been abandoned a lot.
The fate of small animals is good and happy or not depends on us, life is colorful, let’s love and protect animals.
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