The REAL Reason Tesla WILL BLOW UP – BIG Disruptive Innovation (FULL STORY) TESLA STOCK PRICE PREDICTION! Why is tesla valued so high? All the Tesla CATALYSTS for 2021 to 2023. In this video, we will take a deep dive at tesla’s future into the disruptive innovation from the “machine that makes the machine, the 46/80 battery Cells, solar and energy sector, to the Advance Autonomous Future.

“The Machine that makes the Machine” located in Nevada United States, The First Gigafactory is were Tesla’s innovation begins: a one-size-fits-all factory that, ideally, could make anything Tesla sells — batteries, solar panels, home storage solutions, and, of course, electric cars — all under one roof with a maximum annual capacity of 35 Giga watts of Cell power production per year as well as 50 gigawatt-hours per year of battery packs. Tesla also has other giga factories with the same production capacity: Giga shanghai, Gigaberlin, Terratexas in austin texas.

Tesla has just about sold every car it has produced. And With the proper execution of these factories, it is estimated that tesla’s annual capacity will be upwards to 2 Million Vehicles per year by 2022 and over 1 Million vehicles this year.

The 4680 battery (46mm by 80mm) cell by tesla is ramping up to 10 GWh annually. “Actual production plants will be more in the order of 200 GWh/year or more with Gigaberlin being the first to produce higher volumes by 2022. In terms of range, this would increase it by 16%, according to Tesla. The new cell is also 14% per kWh cheaper to produce. By 2030, tesla will achieve a 3 TWh production. Sandy Munro did a break down of the model Y in 2020 and already noted that the components were among the largest casted parts he has ever seen in an automobile. Tesla is planning on producing all it’s vehicles with a complete megacast across the entire base of the vehicles, further reducing weight, increasing strength with the structural 46/80 batteries, and thus increasing range and efficiency. Elon Musk assured that the $25k tesla will be fully autonomous. The impact of the price point and thus the $25k Tesla will be the start of a high volume growth for Tesla’s Deliveries.

“Solar and Energy” Recently, Billionaire investor, Chamath Palihapitiya, added that that the power utility business is ripe for disruption, and there are “trillions of dollars of bonds, of Capex, of value sitting inside the energy generation infrastructure.” Tesla will double and triple again, he said.

Tesla “MEGAPACK” is a large Scale Utility Gird Storage. Tesla built and installed the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Hornsdale, South Australia, using Tesla Power pack batteries. Since then, the facility saved nearly $40 million in its first year alone and helped to stabilize and balance the region’s unreliable grid. Megapack significantly reduces the complexity of large-scale battery storage.

Cathie Wood from Ark Invest, has been a strong supporter of Tesla for years. Since 2018, her $4,000 price target on Tesla broke headlines all over the media. At her Firm Ark invest, they said their $15,000 (pre-split) Bull Case price target scenario regarding Tesla’s Autonomous Future. Tesla has plans of 1 million Robotaxi fleets on the road and when fully operation, could generate $30,000 in gross income for owners each year.

Tesla is a disruptor in multiple industries, from state of the art factories that are one of the most advanced automated in the word, to the Electric and battery innovation, to energy and storage, to computing chips and autonomous software. Tesla is essentially multiple startups under one name which is Tesla. Cathie Wood and Chamath Palihapitya are vocal about tesla’s enormous untapped potential for disruption in all of the sectors that matter. Dan ives from Wedbush has a price target of $950. In my opinion, tesla should hit this valuation by 2022 and potentially 10 trillion by the end of the decade if they achieve Robotaxis and 20 Million annual deliveries through the world.

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