Every year, we get closer and closer to being able to travel into area commercially. As technology advances to aid that dream, there is one company in particular that’s turning heads. Astrolab is aiming to support NASA‘s objective of developing habitable bases on the moon and Mars with FLEX. Versatile Logistics and Expedition (FLEX) is a lunar rover that intends to assist interplanetary inhabitants adapt to their brand-new environment in area.

FLEX’s wheel-on-limb mobility system is indicated to adjust to its environment to be used for team transport, cargo delivery, construction, and more. While the system is still a model, Astrolab declares that FLEX can handle an optimum payload of over 2,200 pounds. It can likewise raise and lower its chassis, maintaining much better ground clearance to adapt to the terrain and focus on stability. The prototype is also geared up with specifically designed airless tires for mobility in soft soil.

What do you think of irreversible life on the moon and Mars? Is it something you’re thrilled to see in your life time? Let us know in the comments.

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