The Hand-Built Naturally aspirated AMG V8 in my C63 AMG, the M156, is one of the best sound engines ever made but, we made it sound Ridiculous with a $10,000 SuperCar exhaust. Here’s the science behind building a proper exhaust system along with C63 dyno blasts, drivebys, burnouts, launches and a supercar rev battle. The contenders are you’re typical McLaren 720S with a fully custom exhaust, a Porsche GT3RS with a fully custom exhaust, a 2020 Lexus LC500 with, you guessed it, a fully custom exhaust and my cheap 2009 C63 AMG. Oh and yes, the exhaust cost more than I paid for the car because that makes total financial sense. If you’ve seen the Stradman $12,000 exhaust or the effspot $12,000 Mercedes S Class V12 exhaust, then this is a steal! Enjoy and if you keep watching my videos and not subscribing, hit that subscribe button!!

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