The car has the following modifications:
Titan complete exhaust in 76mm with reasonated central pipe and reasonated final silencer by SCARA73
Intercooler with CNC tanks by SCARA73
Carbon Airbox by SCARA73
Oil cooler kit by SCARA73
Syvecs Race Ecu remaped with antilag, lunch control and 4 maps (2 for 95 ron and 2 for 100ron)
Power is 351HP and 475Nm torque with 100ron fuel
Thanks #Playstopvideo
Please refer below on steps to display subtitles in any language.
Translation is made by machine so it’s not perfect. But good enough.
click *CC* icon to activate closed-captions (subtitles)
click on the *gear* icon to access settings panel
Select subtitles — Auto-Translate
Select the language you want to translate

FOR VIEWER on Mobile Android Device
Install “Ztranslate” App on play store.
Go in Impostation and Remove the icon that search only video with subtitles so you can search also the video that has not subtitles.
Search the video you want to translate and you will have the real time translation


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